Executive Director Peg Oliveira was proud to represent 108 Monkeys at the 2016 Yoga Service Conference, leading the following breakout session. The conference was held at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Reveal & Reflect: Yoga Service as Window & Mirror

Knowledge and skill are not commodities to be imparted on our students. Learning is never in a vacuum. It is personal and contextual. To be an authentic and relevant teacher, we must create an environment that does not require our students to be cultural commuters when coming to the mat. But too often voices are stifled. Or we forget to listen. By framing the teacher-student relationship as an opportunity to both reveal the uniqueness in every individual and reflect our interconnected nature, we will explore ways to dismantle the barriers, conscious and unconscious, that keep us from meeting our students where they are.


Resources for Workshop Participants

YSC Reveal and Reflect Presentation Slides

A Single Story

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