I am not going to lie, I struggled. A lot. At first, I was intimidated. I was a brand new yoga instructor. Although I lived only 4 miles away, I felt out of my element a
nd in a whole new world. Would these students listen to me? Would I be able to share my love of yoga and get through to them? Would they learn from me? Could I help them? Proudly, I can say I gained confidence and found my voice.

Most importantly, did the students benefit? Oh, yes. They gained skills that will help them on and off the mat. They learned to connect to their breath; the essence of yoga. They learned that connecting to their breath would calm their mind. They shared that they connected to their breath when they were angry with their friends, when their parents were yelling at them and when they couldn’t fall asleep. They learned flexibility, not only through yoga postures, but through learning from different teachers who had different styles and different wording. They learned to step out of their comfort zone by practicing with a group and getting over feeling “embarrassed”. They learned to lead others by standing up in front of the group and teaching the class a pose. They gained inner strength and outer strength. My wish is that they know we saw them, we listened to them, we loved them. We came to the school to teach them self-regulation. We all left with so much more.

Mindy Porell, RYT 200, is the Owner of BreatheMoreYoga, LLC in Tolland, CT. www.BreatheMoreYoga.com