108 Monkeys is a non-profit organization that relies on funding from foundations, corporations and people like you. Your support allows 108 Monkeys to offer programs to high need schools, child care centers and social service organizations. All your donations are tax deductible.


To make a check donation, please make checks out to 108 Monkeys and mail to

108 Monkeys
319 Peck St
Box D-12
New Haven, CT 06513

To ensure you receive a receipt for this tax deductible donation, please fill out this form.

If you would like to speak to us before making a donation, please email contact@108monkeys.org



2018 Donors

Alfresco Landscape & Design LLC
Anderson, Kristin
Atkins, Christine
Bergvik, Erik
Brown, Camille
Brown, Kevin
Brown, William and Jennifer
Calarco, Linda
Calcote, Ella
Campbell, Barbara
Capalbo, Jennifer
CGS Business Financial Svc
Cix, Samantha
Close, Ann
Close, Nancy
Codianna, Kellie
CP Creative Services, LLC
Detwiller, Staci
Diehl, Elizabeth
DiFonzo, Kristin
Digestive Disease Assoc
Dooley, James
Drachslin, Lanae
Fairfield Home Loans, LLC
Fischman, Gail
Fischman, Steven
Foschi, Peter
Fuller, John
Gagnon, Nathaniel
Gallagher, Judith
Geoghegan, Catherine
Goldblum, Joanne
Goldblum, Laura
Graham, Caroline
Haglund, John
Hawkes, Carolyn
Heartt, Thomas
Hill, Sarah
Hils, Thomas
Hoffman, Dana
Hotchkiss Publishing
Huffaker, Laena
Hutchinson, Sean
Jarvie, Lisa
Kapteyn, Kirsten
Kimball, Peter
King, Christina
Koff, Camille
Kowarsky, Jiya
Kumar, Saumya
Lafferty & Martin LLC
Le, Robin
Lochner, Lisa
Lynch Jr, James
Malchiodi, Robert
McKnight, Alexandra
Meis, Steven
Morton, Jeremy
O’Gorman, Francis
O’Looney, Jenifer
Ottenstein, Noah
Ottenstein, Reyna
Patinella, Margaret
Perreault, Chaucey
Ponce, Christian
Porell, Mindy.
Raven’s Wing
Reilly, Tami
Robinson, John
Rogers, Carole
Romano, Karen
Rowe, Katharine
Russo, Mindy
Sames, Michael
Serafin, Penny
Sheinkopf, Laura
Sheinkopf, Paul
Shelby, Michael
Silver, Stephanie
Sobocinski, Thomas
Sondheimer, Joann
Stone, Sheila
Swan, Maria
Swanson, Shel
Swett, Erin
Talt, Ginger
Taylor, Rebecca
The DCJ Charitable Trust
Tipsy Pix.
Total Fence LLC
Trudel, Sierra
Unterberg, Susan
VandenBroek, Emilia
Verna, Rachelle
Wagner, Julie
Weinreb, David
Wiegert, Casey
Wildenborg, Tomas
Wilkov, Barbara
Zaniewski, Pamela

Want a cool 108 Monkeys T-Shirt or sweatband?

     T-Shirts: $20
     Sweatbands: $10

Do you dare to look as cool as these yogis? Email contact@108monkeys.org and let us know what you need and how many. All items must be picked up at 108 Monkeys headquarters in New Haven, or can be arranged to be left for you at your New Haven yoga studio.




Let your company double or triple your generosity. Many companies have a matching gift program; you give an amount and they donate the same. All you have to do is ask. Contact your HR department to find out. Email us and we will provide all necessary documentation.


We give every staff member in our high need partner organizations free yoga classes at high quality, convenient yoga studios in their community. If your studio can offer free yoga to our participants, please contact us.

We rely on the generosity of local yoga studios, pilates studios and other beautiful spaces to provide the location for our yoga trainings, meetings and graduation parties. If you have a space to donate, please contact us..

Assessment and evaluation is central to our process. We need people able to help with going to our sites and collecting data, or entering data into spreadsheets while binge watching Netflix on your own sofa, as well as all out data geeks with knowledge of and access to SPSS or other statistical magic to help with analyzing our data (currently in piles on Peg’s office floor). If this sounds like you, please contact us..
Eyeing a new yoga mat? Let us have that old (but still lovable) one you’re all done with. We donate a set of yoga mats to each of our partner programs, as well as run a mat lending library for our Street Bodhis to use when they go out into the community to offer free yoga. We’ll put those old yoga mats to good use if you simply drop them off at our offices at Erector Square. And if you have some free time, help us Upcycle our used mats! Volunteer to wash our mats before we send them back out into the world.