• Experience the impact of taking just a moment out of your busy day, every day, just to be.   MARCH 1 to MARCH 31 Donate just $10.80 to participate for 31 days. Do our daily pose, sent to you each morning.   Hey Peg’s Facebook Friends! Do yoga, win a mat!   If you are Peg’s […]

  • Who said down dogs can’t wag their tails? Learn to teach developmentally appropriate and playful yoga to young children, age 3 – 9.

  • Learn how to teach yoga to youth, age 9 – 18, including not only the practicalities involved with teaching youth in unusual spaces like schools and after school settings, but also skills to bring the reluctant teen around to the blessings of yoga.

  • Learn the art of teaching yoga to individuals with a trauma history, and the science of the impact of trauma on the brain and body and the role of yoga and mindfulness as a healing tool, for others and for yourself.

  • Peg’s yoga class offers a dynamic combination of strength, sweat and soul. Her style emphasizes sound alignment with an unpredictable flow. While challenging, it remains accessible to most beginners. All classes are by donation and 100% of donations go directly to 108 Monkeys to support yoga trainings and programs for service organizations and schools in New Haven.

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