“There is no distinction between the one who gives, the one who receives, and the gift itself.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh

You love yoga. You do yoga. Maybe you even teach yoga; but maybe you don’t. And you want to train with 108 Monkeys and bring yoga to individuals who might benefit, but typically can’t access yoga for a variety of reasons.

Welcome to Street Bodhis-in-Training!

Yes this is a Yoga Service Training; and then some. Because there is no learning without doing.

Think Peace Corp of yoga.

In most yoga trainings once you are trained, you are on your own. Not with 108. If you wish, once you complete a training, we give you the opportunity to be part of planting seeds of change and helping to nurture real transformation in your community. With us you get access to a full program of training, peers, feedback, and real life-changing experience in organizations that understand our process and respect our practices. And you’ll get to do yoga too!

One year of yoga experience is suggested; yoga certification is NOT needed. Yoga Alliance CEUs are available for each program.


Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Complete a Training with 108 Monkeys
Learn the ropes! The first and mandatory step in becoming a Street Bodhi is to participate in one of our yoga trainings.

Choose from our Bodhi Seeds early childhood training, our 108 Youth yoga training for individuals working in urban schools, or our 1+0+8 Trauma training, to prepare you to work with individuals of all ages with a trauma history, such as in clinics, shelters and youth programs. Or choose to engage with us in our Yoga Service Intensive.

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You can stop at Step 1, take the training and run with it, or… onto Step 2!

Wait! Can I skip Step 1 if I’m already a certified yoga teacher? Nope. Many experienced and amazing practitioners and teachers want to volunteer or teach in our programs; we require everyone to train with us. For your good and the good of our partner organizations, we make sure that when we send you into our sites, you are familiar with staff and organization culture, informed in practices appropriate to that site and are using evidence based and trauma informed practices. Not only that, but our trainings are an opportunity to learn about the community you will be placed in, meet your team, evolve a shared sense of mission and have a really fun time.

Step 2. Join an Outreach Team
You are not alone! If you wish to participate in outreach in one of our partner sites, you will be placed with a partner organization team, made up of other participating Street Bodhis-in-Training as well as staff from our partner organization. If you prefer, we can try to build a team to support your outreach efforts, at your work or volunteer site.

Wait! What if I want to go at it solo? Sure. And if you want our support and mentoring, we’ll be there for you. The options are limitless!

Step 3. Attend Mentoring with 108 Monkeys
We’ll never leave you hanging! Street Bodhis-in-Training are welcome to meet with 108 Monkeys staff during office hours and with their team to continue training, share success stories, discuss challenges and work together to design and implement responsive yoga programs.

Step 4. Participate in Outreach Teaching
Hit the ground running! During this phase of the training program you and your team will teach yoga and mindfulness tools at one of our partner organizations. Or if you already work for or volunteer with an organization and you want to bring yoga there, we can help! Just ask.
Step 5. Collaborate. Celebrate. Graduate!
Share the Love! Get together with other Street Bodhis-in-Training and staff from partner organizations to do yoga, share pictures and tell stories from the field.

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