Peg Oliveira, PhD

108 Monkeys Founder

Peg’s yoga class offers a dynamic combination of strength, sweat and soul. Her style emphasizes sound alignment with an unpredictable flow. While challenging, it remains accessible.


Pop-Up Yoga Classes

Keep checking back… you never know when a pop up will POP UP!


Conferences, Trainings and Professional Development

Bristol School Readiness Conference

August 28, 2019


Want to bring Peg to your yoga studio, school or organization?

Yoga Workshops

  • 90 Mins – 2 Hrs    –    $500
  • 1/2 Day                  –     $1,000
  • Full Day                 –     $1,500

Trainings and Professional Development

  • 90 Mins – 2 Hrs    –    $800
  • 1/2 Day                  –     $1,500
  • Full Day                 –     $2,000

Comments from past workshop participants

  • “Excellent workshop!  I’ve done work around mindfulness and yoga – this presentation made me make good connections with children’s life and how to help them breathe, learn calm, and integrate in the world!  Thank you!”
  • “Excellent presentation, very useful information – will use professionally and personally – Thank you”
  • “I wish we could clone Peg!”
  • “This was OUTSTANDING, interactive, and interesting.  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and time.”
  • “Would love to congratulate the presenter for such an effective, relatable topic.”