Learn to teach developmentally appropriate and playful yoga to young children, age 2 – 9. If you are interested, in addition to the teacher training, we offer guidance and mentoring as you participate in outreach by teaching yoga at a partner elementary school or child care center.

Our early childhood yoga training includes:

  • Foundations of child development and appropriate developmental expectations for different age groups.
  • Review of early childhood brain development and how mindfulness practices can influence it.
  • Training in how to teach mindfulness practices that are accessible and fun for young children.
  • If you choose, a placement in a partner site, to immediately put your learning into action.

This training is appropriate for:

  • Yoga teachers already teaching or wanting to teach young children
  • Therapists, social workers, psychologists and other professionals working with young children;
  • Teachers, child care providers and school social workers and leaders, interested in meeting the needs of children through yoga and mindfulness practices;
  • Anyone interested in offering their knowledge, passion and time to a children’s yoga program

Training Staff:


Date: March 13, 2020  5pm –  9pm
Location: Fresh Yoga, 319 Peck St, New Haven


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